5 Amazing Tips for Small Kitchen Remodeling
5 Amazing Tips for Small Kitchen Remodeling

5 Amazing Tips for Small Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling a small kitchen can be complicated and overwhelming – limited space, little room for error, and many decisions to make. With the help of the best flooring company in Avondale, you’ll be able to create a more efficient, stylish, and pleasant kitchen that can be used for cooking and entertaining. Read on for our five tips for small kitchen remodeling!

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How to Renovate a Small Kitchen?

The flooring companies in Mesa can help you put together a plan that will maximize the use of your small kitchen budget without removing the look and feel of your space.


When renovating a small kitchen, flooring is one of the most important things to focus on. Flooring can easily add or subtract from the size of a room, making it appear larger or smaller. Choose a flooring type that makes the most of your small space, such as stone or tile, laminate, or hardwood. The flooring companies in Mesa can provide you with the perfect flooring for your area and help you find the best materials for your budget. The best flooring for sale in Tempe, Arizona, can provide you with a few options.


You can create more space in your kitchen with the proper storage solution. Instead of conventional cabinets and counters, opt for open shelving, high cupboards, and wall organizers to store essentials without taking up too much space. You can also add in-built storage to the sides of your cabinets and drawers to make the most of your area.

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Color Palette

Another tip for small kitchen remodeling is to choose a unified color palette. Painting the walls and cabinets of your kitchen in the same color can create a uniform look and add depth. For example, white kitchens convey openness and brightness, whereas warm colors like reds, yellows, and oranges can brighten up a smaller space.


When it comes to remodeling a small kitchen, lighting is essential in how the room looks and feels. Good lighting can make the room appear larger, while strategic task lighting is necessary to complete kitchen tasks. Consider adding under-cabinet and accent lighting to brighten the area.

Space-Saving Appliances

If you’re working with limited space, consider investing in space-saving appliances, such as a microwave drawer, countertop convection oven, or dishwasher that fits under the counter. These appliances are great for those with limited space who don’t want to skimp on style or function.

Our Small Kitchen Renovate Tips and Tricks

Take advantage of vertical wall space to create more storage. For example, open shelving and wall racks can easily store cookware and dinnerware.

Integrate a breakfast bar into your kitchen as an additional dining and serving space. 

Add a kitchen island that doubles as a countertop and extra storage. 

Install a multi-function sink and faucet to help you maximize efficiency.

Hang herbs, plants, and even artwork for a more personal touch.

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Arizona flooring stores in Tempe, Mesa, and Avondale can help you make the most of your small kitchen remodel. With the tips outlined above and the help of the best flooring company in Tempe, Arizona, you’ll indeed have a kitchen that looks and feels larger than it is!