6 Best Tiles for Farmhouse-style Homes
6 Best Tiles for Farmhouse-style Homes

6 Best Tiles for Farmhouse-style Homes

Farmhouse design is a common choice for modern homes. This style is popular among homeowners who want to create beautiful and pleasant living areas. The farmhouse design is friendly and cozy.

Consider how tile might help you attain the desired aesthetic when you plan a farmhouse renovating job. Take inspiration from this list of the greatest tiles for farmhouse-style homes to get started.

Here is what the best Arizona carpet flooring blog has to say about farmhouse-style homes:

Top Flooring in Arizona

White Marble Flooring

Top flooring in Arizona is based on white marble. White is the predominant hue in most farmhouses. White colors can be seen throughout the household, from the walls to the furnishings.

In the traditional farmhouse design, which has been around for years, a white color scheme has always been popular. It’s also a mainstay of the more contemporary modern farmhouse décor movement.

Light Tiles

While white is the most common color in farmhouses, various colors can be used. Designers frequently use light neutral tones like tan and grey. These colors are earthy, and they go well with natural timbers, which are popular in farmhouse design.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring also referred to as durable flooring or PVC vinyl flooring, is a popular option for both home and commercial applications. Owing to technology, vinyl sheets can be made too look like marbles or tiles.

Vinyl Flooring in Arizona

One of the top choices of Arizona Vinyl flooring blogs is farmhouse-style homes when it comes to vinyl flooring. Especially when Arizona flooring is considered a vinyl flooring is one of the most preferred choices.

Chequered Layouts

Another interesting design is the chequered pattern tiles or the ones which are popularly known as the zigzag pattern. Mostly on the patio, you will get to see this particular pattern. 

Another fantastic approach to adding a textured look to your home is to use tiles. The design could be a welcoming addition to the walls or floors. Consider installing it as a shower surround, kitchen backsplash, or entryway floor.

Deeper Shades of Tiles

While light-colored tiles are preferred when flooring in Arizona is considered, deeper-colored tiles are preferred by certain designers to highlight certain portions of the home such as the kitchen or the fireplace. 

Flooring in Arizona

Antique Patterns

Knickknacks, antiques, and other miscellaneous items are common in farmhouse decor. You can play around with that effect by sprinkling unique tiles across your property.

While clean lines are commonly used in farmhouse design, patterned tiles are a terrific way to incorporate whimsical curves, bold geometrics, or floral themes. Colorful or neutral palettes might be used in the designs.

Keep in mind that farmhouse design does not need to maintain consistency in each space. You don’t have to utilize a fun design everywhere; you can use it in just one spot.


Check out our collection of articles to give you a better idea about flooring in Arizona. With the information in this article, you can decorate your farmhouse-style home with the flooring tiles of your choice.

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