8 Ways you are Damaging your Home Flooring in Arizona
8 Ways you are Damaging your Home Flooring in Arizona

8 Ways you are Damaging your Home Flooring in Arizona

Flooring is essential to our homes and is one of the house’s most attractive and valuable features. And it can quickly ruin if you’re not careful! Avoid these seven common mistakes to keep your floors looking great!

Still, you can keep your floorings looking beautiful for years without the requirement for refinishing if you obey some basic dos and don’ts. 

What Generates Damage to your Floors?

1. Too much Sunlight – Major Fading for your Floors

The sun’s harmful UV rays threaten your floor! Too much direct sunlight can cause your floor to become dull and discolored over time. On sunny days, you can help save your floors by closing the blinds or drapes against direct sunlight.

Too much Sunlight - Major Fading for your Floors

2. Utilizing the Wrong Area Mats

Knowing that specific rug backings can harm your floors is essential. Clear rug backings can stain or discolor your flooring, while others can trap gases that bend your floors and ruin the finish. When shopping for an area rug to put over your, make sure it’s safe for use on floors!

Utilizing the Wrong Area Mats

3. Pet Nails

Pets with long nails can mark your beautiful flooring in AZ, not to mention the annoying sound it causes—the scratching results in dull-looking flooring over time. Trimming your pet’s nails daily will save your floors from scratching and other furniture in and around the home.

Pet Nails

4. Sliding Furniture Around

Continuously take the time to lift furniture when you are moving it around on floors. Sliding your furniture is a fast way to scratch your floors! Make sure to add felt furniture pads to anything that rests directly on your floors as an added safeness measure.

Sliding Furniture Around

5. High Heels

Taking off your shoes before walking inside; it’s essential regarding high heels and floors. Heels can scratch flooring and even leave behind indentations if the heel has a small surface area.

High Heels

6. Utilizing the Wrong Cleaning Tools

The way you cleanse your flooring can have a significant impact on its appearance and lifespan. Avoid using abrasive tools or harmful cleaning solutions, which can easily damage your flooring. The safest method for cleaning flooring is to sparingly use a mild cleaning solution with a soft microfiber mop or mop pad.

Utilizing the Wrong Cleaning Tools

7. Vacuuming with the Brush On

Many vacuums now feature an attachment designed to be used on flooring. Be sure to utilize it whenever you clean your floors! If you don’t have a flooring attachment, turn off the brush or beater before vacuuming the hardwood. While a brush or beater is great for cleaning carpet, it can quickly leave behind marks or scratches on flooring.

Vacuuming with the Brush On

8. Moisture

Most floor materials cannot expand and contract without suffering damage. Moisture forces the very absorptive boards to grow, and this causes many problems to occur.


Beware of using cleaning products like oil soaps to clean certain types of flooring. Many modern types of flooring have a finish that does not require waxing. Using oily or waxy cleaners on these floors can leave behind a residue buildup that can be too hard to remove.

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