Best Vinyl Flooring Looks for Any Room in Your Home
Best Vinyl Flooring Looks for Any Room in Your Home

Best Vinyl Flooring Looks for Any Room in Your Home

While vinyl flooring is now fashionable overall, there are some particularly well-liked vinyl flooring trends that you should be aware of if you’re considering renovating. Vinyl flooring is increasingly resembling the appearance of real wood and stone as technology develops. Additionally growing in favor are decorative patterns.

Following is a list of the top vinyl flooring trends for 2022 based on the best flooring guide in Arizona:

Best Flooring Guide in Arizona

2022 Vinyl Flooring Trends: 5 Hot Vinyl Flooring Ideas

1. Waterproof SPC Rigid Core Vinyl

The strongest waterproof vinyl flooring option available is rigid core premium vinyl flooring, also referred to as SPC flooring. Stone Plastic Composite, sometimes known as Stone Polymer Composite, is a term used in the industry. It speaks of the rigid core luxury vinyl flooring’s incredibly robust core. That core layer is almost unbreakable thanks to the stone plastic composite, which also helps it keep its shape on top of uneven subfloors.

2. Vinyl Sheets

Vinyl sheet flooring is the original vinyl flooring option. Most rolls of vinyl sheets have a width of around 12′ and are designed to cover huge surfaces. They are difficult to handle and properly apply due to their size unless you have the necessary knowledge. Arizona flooring blogs advise employing a professional installer regardless of the installation technique for the best results.

Best Vinyl Flooring in Arizona

3. Wood-Look Vinyl Planks

Vinyl flooring with a wood look is scratch-resistant, making it a great option for high-traffic areas. There is no need to worry about water damage because many products are now waterproof. Anywhere where water can be a problem, including bathrooms and kitchens, can have vinyl wood flooring installed. Wood-look vinyl planks are easier to install on one’s own than actual hardwood, which needs a specialist. You can quickly install your new wood effect vinyl with a little determination and very few tools. A variety of realistic looks are offered in vinyl planks that mimic wood. It is simple to maintain; all that is needed for everyday cleaning is sweeping or dust mopping. When it comes to price, quality, and appeal, wood-look vinyl flooring checks all the right boxes.

4. Stone-Look Vinyl Tiles

Stone look vinyl flooring is a form of vinyl flooring that has artisan dappling and striations integrated into the tiles to give it the appearance of stones like granite, terrazzo, or even concrete. By bringing the beauty of nature within for a fraction of the expense of natural stone, these vinyl tiles enhance the aesthetic of any house or commercial space. These tiles have an easier installation process while yet providing water resistance, durability, and ease of maintenance.

5. Decorative Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl planks with ornamental and graphic designs that compete with tile have recently been introduced. The parquet patterns and conventional trellis patterns are evenly spaced from plank to plank. Many DIYers will prefer this option because vinyl planks are much easier to install than tiling.  Kitchens and bathrooms are particularly well-suited to benefit from this idea. In this milieu, where innovative flooring thrives, vinyl shines particularly brightly. In all honesty, it seems to be the best.

Arizona Vinyl Flooring

The Arizona vinyl flooring blogs are a great resource for anyone seeking to know more about the different trends and information on flooring in Arizona.

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