Hardwood Flooring – What You Should Do and What Not
Hardwood Flooring – What You Should Do and What Not

Hardwood Flooring – What You Should Do and What Not

The selection of flooring is one of the most critical but significant decisions an owner must make when embarking on a restoration project. It serves as the foundation for everything else. However, not all hardwood flooring is created equal, and choosing a product involves more than just picking a favorite hue. A variety of different elements can influence both aesthetics and performance. Brandon Lederer Arizona is well-known for providing the best flooring company in Tempe, Arizona.

Hardwood Flooring Maintenance and Refining

Each season provides unique challenges for your hardwood flooring. Regardless of the maintenance, wood floors are too beautiful to pass up. Brandon Lederer Arizona is the best  Arizona flooring store in Tempe that provides you with the best Flooring Ideas for your Home.

Following are some dos and don’ts to remember.

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Spills must be cleaned immediately

Wipe up any spills quickly with a dry or slightly damp towel, avoiding wet or steam mops, which the NWFA claims will cause greater harm over time. Because wood expands and shrinks in response to moisture, both on it and in the air, it is critical to maintaining humidity levels low to minimize cupping, splitting, and gapping. The easiest approach to avoid these problems is to wipe up spills as soon as they happen, keep your home’s temperature between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (and humidity between 30 and 50 percent), and keep wet shoes out of the house. In any case, they’re rather disgusting.

Weekly vacuuming

As uncomfortable as it may sound, weekly vacuuming is essential for keeping your home clean and ensuring that any crumbs and dirt missed when sweeping does not harm your flooring.

Make use of a soft-bristled broom

The bristles are soft enough to be gentle on the wooden finish. An angled broom makes it easier to reach into corners and behind cabinets. You don’t want dinge to accumulate around the room’s corners and nooks.

With a contemporary “mop,” such as a Swiffer, it’s simple to follow up that rapid sweep of dust bunnies with a reach into the corner and a run straight along the wall’s trim line.

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Soaps, waxes, and polishes should not be used

 Soaps leave a residue. Wax causes unwanted surface accumulation and makes the floor slippery. Polishes, contrary to popular belief, will diminish the finish.

Choose a neutral solution if you use a product to assist clean your floor (pH level 7). Vinegar should be avoided. The surface will be dulled and damaged as a result.

Your hardwood floor should not be steam cleaned

Steam is never the solution for wood. It will cause harm to the floor. It can also cause delamination, or layer separation, on an engineered wood floor.

Keep your pet’s nails clipped to avoid scratching

An active family life, including pets, will undoubtedly result in wear and scratches over the lifetime of any wood floor.

Wrapping Up 

The previously stated dos and don’ts are all about taking the long view and keeping a clean and reasonably protected floor for as long as possible. Since natural products retain heat far better than man-made laminates, tiles, or stone floors, making them much more comfortable to walk on, especially during the colder months. Brandon Lederer Arizona is a well-known company for providing the great flooring and is the best flooring company in mesa.

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