Healthy Home Flooring: 7 Trendy Floor Ideas we Love in 2022
Healthy Home Flooring: 7 Trendy Floor Ideas we Love in 2022

Healthy Home Flooring: 7 Trendy Floor Ideas we Love in 2022

The flooring industry is upgrading rapidly, accommodating the latest trends and changes. Each year some new advancement is developed in the industry that changes the trends for the period and gains attention. These advancements result from new experimental combinations that work better than before. Even for places like Arizona with extreme weather conditions, many newly developed trends are preferred, details of which can be found in the information on flooring in Arizona.

Following are the Top 7 Flooring Trends of 2022:

1. Parquet Pattern of Wooden Planks

This is one of the types of hardwood flooring offering a rich and classy look. In this flooring, wooden planks are arranged and fixed in a geometric angular pattern. 

Best Flooring Options in Arizona

2. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is becoming popular due to its natural look and long life. It can be considered one of the best flooring options in Arizona, considering weather conditions. Light oak, maple, and cherry are popular options. In addition, reclaimed wood and large planks are gaining attention as an eco-friendly way of flooring.

3. Concrete and Natural Stone Flooring

Concrete floors or stained concrete are preferred for easy availability and raw finishing look. Lots of shades and textures can be created out of it. Natural stones like marble and limestones also gain attention for their natural textures and elegant looks.

4. Vinyl Flooring

The waterproof nature of PVC vinyl has made it a preferred choice. This type of flooring also comes in options of Luxury vinyl and Vinyl sheets to work well in regions of moisture and humidity. Details can be looked at the best vinyl flooring in Arizona.

Best Vinyl Flooring in Arizona

5. Tile Flooring

This flooring is easy to install with grouting and needs minimal maintenance. In addition, this option offers various types of patterns, shapes, and sizes.

6. Lamination Flooring

Lamination flooring is also famous for its glazing looks and most easy installation process. However, even this option offers wide patterns to install and lasts long.

7. Carpet Flooring

This option is still preferred for its warm and comfortable feeling and ease of maintaining characteristics. Even there are many patterns, shades, and designs available.

It is essential to understand everything about the flooring. Find out what you need and what will suit your lifestyle. Health home flooring works as a faithful guide offering all the options with detailed analysis and a flooring test to understand your needs. Similarly, people in Arizona can look for the best flooring guide in Arizona for help.

Best Flooring Guide in Arizona

Points to Consider While Exploring the Trendiest Flooring:

  • The presence of children, pets, and usual human traffic shall be regarded as while choosing.
  • Life expectancy is also a vital point to consider as replacements are not accessible.
  • Room size or available space shall also be considered while comparing.
  • Maintenance requirements are the most crucial point to look at and understand thoroughly.

Wrapping Paragraph

Trending options in flooring seem very exciting to consider for remodeling or replacements. Various new options are introduced and available with customization to fulfill your wishes. Healthy home flooring has first-hand experience of analysis and available options to offer accordingly.