How to Re-grout Tile for a Fresh New Look
How to Re-grout Tile for a Fresh New Look

How to Re-grout Tile for a Fresh New Look

The aesthetic appeal of a tile is underrated. A proper grout is highly recommended for tiles to look accentuated and have a long life span. Grout is usually known as the cherry on the cake. It’s a cost-effective solution that saves tiles from damage. After a certain duration, the grout deteriorates due to heavy usage. But the good news is that re-grouting is more accessible and affordable.

To get the best grouting, there is an Arizona flooring store in Avondale. Flooring can get wholly disrupted due to heavy rainfall or floods. To help you with that, the company Brandon Lederer Flooring can aid you in providing flooring for flood-prone areas in AZ. There is an Arizona flooring store in Avondale to get the best grouting.

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Moving further, we will be discussing the worth of re-grouting and present you with detailed steps to achieve a fresh-looking floor.

Is Re-grouting Worth it? What should you Consider?

Re-grouting is undoubtedly a must procedure. This is because it can enhance the floors and provide a new and appealing flooring. The appropriate place for this information on flooring in Arizona is developed by Mr. Lederer’s flooring company.

Steps to Consider while Re-grouting the Floors:

Get Ready

The first step is to do the prep work before commencing the process. Put on all safety gear, i.e., eye protection, gloves, dust-free mast, and dust sheets. The grout tends to leave a lot of dust and debris. 

Tip: If you are working in the bathroom, it is advisable to put in all the plugs. This step will aid in blocking all the debris and stains of old grout clogging the drains.

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Removal of Old Grout

Following the first step, you need to start scraping grout with a grout rake or remover. This requires a lot of elbow grease—spare blades to remove all grout. Then start with the blade using it in one consistent direction. Once done, wipe the floor with a damp cloth. 

Tip: Usually, it becomes difficult to remove the old grout manually. In such situations, you can utilize the eclectic remover. This will make the job easier and quicker. However, this process could leave some permanent scratches on the tiles. 


The third step is the application of the grout. The wholesale flooring Avondale offers grout in multiple designs and colors. This helps in making it look beautiful and clean. Make the grout mixture in a bucket and begin with the application.

Tip: A glitter-based grout is the most suitable option for obtaining a new look.

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Finishing Touch

The final step is to wipe off the tile with a clean sponge and cold water. This needs to be done once the grout is dry and settled. It is recommended that the sponge is clean after every wipe. This phase will help remove the haze from the face of the tile. 


Brandon is one of the best flooring guides in Arizona. Because the floor is in continuous usage, it is better to take proper precautions before further damage.