Laminate Flooring: Is it Still a Good Choice?
Laminate Flooring: Is it Still a Good Choice?

Laminate Flooring: Is it Still a Good Choice?

Laminate flooring arose on the residential flooring scene many years ago as an easy-to-use, appealing, and durable option compared to strong hardwood flooring. Its innovation has progressed constantly since then. As a result, laminate is the best flooring for sale in Tempe as it adds significant value to your home.

Flooring manufacturers have made several improvements in laminate flooring in the past. Micro inclines, precise finishing, and better illustrations have brought laminate flooring nearer to the cachet enjoyed by strong hardwood and designed wood flooring, yet this stays a budget-friendly flooring material in appearance, performance, and reputation. 

Some laminate floors can endure as much as 25 years or more in rooms with low usage, while others introduced in areas of higher use might require repair or replacement in just ten years. Still, it is not easy to decide whether laminate flooring is a good choice for your house floors or not. Let’s find out.

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Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring offers several benefits that make it a good choice out of all other flooring options. Brandon Lederer Flooring Arizona, an Arizona flooring company, has listed some significant advantages of laminate flooring;


The top wear layer of laminate makes this flooring strong and scratch-safe, making it less susceptible to any kind of damage over time. Besides, that topcoat ensures that laminate flooring is not affected by daylight as fast and noticeably as hardwood flooring. Even if a piece got damaged, you could replace a plank apart from removing the complete flooring of a room.

Easy Installation

Laminate flooring accompanies a quick installation system, making it exceptionally simple to apply. Embed one board into the following; no paste or nails are required. Laminate flooring is usually introduced as a “floating floor”- the boards are interlocking at the edges, shaping a strong mat on the underlayment without any additional applications.

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Easy Maintenance

Laminate floors can easily be cleaned with a vacuum or brush. Wiping with a damp mop cleans the laminate floors much better. No floor waxing is ever required for laminate floors. Since laminate is produced using pressed wood, it is more solid and opposes scratches, dampness, and damage.

Good Appearance

Because of advances in image technology, laminate flooring visuals have become much more realistic and appealing. The case is with the lower quality item where you’ll see fake-looking wood grain surfaces. Laminate flooring can easily duplicate the vibe of wood, stone, and other standard materials. In addition, laminate flooring doesn’t scratch as effectively as hardwood floors, so its appearance won’t change after some time.

Is laminate Flooring Still a Good Choice?

Laminate floors were first presented in the late 1990s and dominated the flooring market as they became an affordable alternative to luxury vinyl floors. As a result, laminate floors have revolutionized the flooring business. 

Choosing Laminate flooring is a great decision when you need a high-quality hardwood look yet need something more solid and affordable. You can contact Brandon Lederer Flooring Arizona, a top flooring company in Tempe, to know more about laminate flooring.