Tips for Protecting your Floors in Winter – Healthy Home Flooring
Tips for Protecting your Floors in Winter – Healthy Home Flooring

Tips for Protecting your Floors in Winter – Healthy Home Flooring

Winter is here, so you must protect your flooring like carpets, hardwood, Laminate, and Vinyl floorings. Rain, small pebbles, snow, and dirt can be a lethal mix that can damage floors, and also Ice-melting compounds in wintertime can take a severe toll on floors can generate extra pressure on building budgets. So taking exact preventive steps before and during the cold winter months is essential.

But don’t worry about damaging your floors in these winter seasons. With a bit of planning, your flooring will still look great. You can save your flooring during the winter by following a few tips from top flooring company in Arizona like Healthy Home Flooring.

Check out these Six winter flooring care tips! Winter can be rough on your floorings.

1. Especially your Pets in Winter

Nowadays, everyone has pets. These pets can bring snow, mud, and dirt from outdoors, so put the pet booties on their paws, saving them from the elements and keeping them warm and your floors. Wipe your pet’s feet before bringing them in. Groom your floors immediately when your pet’s paws leave a scar.

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2. Cleaning your Floor Regularly is a Must

Regular flooring maintenance is also essential. The following best practices can help care personnel clean and protect floors:

The great way to maintain your floors neat this winter is by regularly cleaning, mopping, or vacuuming them; this is especially important if you own wood floors. Salt can destroy hardwood floors if it is not cleaned instantly.

The most suitable way to clean hardwood flooring stained with salt is a one-two punch with vinegar and water. Mix one cup of vinegar with a gallon of water, pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it onto salt stains. Utilize a paper towel or microfiber rag to wipe it dry.

3. Run Humidifiers at your Home

Decrease the risks to your flooring and health by maintaining a healthy humidity level in your residence. Utilize humidifiers and dehumidifiers as required and provide proper ventilation in your home.

Where you live will decide the average humidity levels in your residence. For example, consider water risk if you live in a more humid, tropical climate. The most suitable wood flooring for a moist environment may be engineered wood, which can take more moisture or dryness in the air.

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4. Use of Mats and Rugs

Keeping rugs is one of the best ways to preserve your floors during winter. A quality wide rug from Arizona flooring store in Avondale is an excellent solution to decrease the temperature loss through your floor. The added soft texture on your ground also has a much more lovely feeling for your feet than a cold flooring. These rugs are one of the most trusted ways to keep the room warm besides beautifying the space. You can set an area rug for your home if your floor still feels cold or even if you like to feel extra warmth under your feet all the time.

Matting should be placed at the entrances of your home for maximum safety. In multiple cases, kids and guests can enter through different doors. Keeping mats at all entries lowers the risk of dirt and other contaminants being tracked inside.

Without the right matting system, your guests can follow abrasive soils or liquids inside your facility, causing injury, increasing the chance of slip & fall accidents, and increasing cleaning expenditures.

5. Avoid Footwear

Maintain a shoe rack near all entryways and request your guests to remove their shoes when entering the home. It will also help to keep the germs off your floors.

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6. Light Some Candles to Warm the Home

Keeping candles in the home adds personality to your decor and keeps you warm. Candles are obtainable in various shapes, sizes, and colors. You could go one step further and set your candles on good-old candle holders to mark the beginning of the winter festivities.

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