Why You Need to know about Reactive Hardwood Flooring from Healthy Home Flooring?
Why You Need to know about Reactive Hardwood Flooring from Healthy Home Flooring?

Why You Need to know about Reactive Hardwood Flooring from Healthy Home Flooring?

All About Stain Reactive Hardwood Flooring

Reactive stain formulations are now cleaner, more reliable, stable, and environmentally friendly than ever. To put it plainly, reactive staining is a water-based, pigment-free mixture that, if sprayed on hardwood, quickly alters the natural components present in wood to produce a specific color range.

 According to the top flooring company in Arizona,  it is a floor style with an ancient or aged appearance that has gained tremendous popularity, especially during the past five years. In the past, wooden floor finishers frequently made their handmade reactive stains by disintegrating steel wool in undiluted vinegar to give their hardwood flooring an old, antique, or “Old World” appearance. However, this procedure is becoming even more ecologically friendly due to the current stain-reactive innovation. It is known to be the best flooring option in Arizona.

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Wood’s Organic Aging Process

Age comes to all living things, and woods are no different. While humans may credit factors like heredity, lifestyle, and life pressures to how quickly one age, the main factor that causes wood to age is a natural chemical called tannic acid, which is present in most woods.

Tannic acid is a sophisticated chemical compound critical to the functioning of the tree. To avoid becoming too technical, tannins are categorized as phenolic substances. They are present in a wide range of plants. The primary function of tannin is to offer defense against bacterial, fungal, and pest infestations. These compounds cause wood’s color to alter over time.

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How Reactive Staining Is Performed

Wooden floor producers had to get very inventive in the past to give their wood floors that aged, “Old World” appearance. Ammonia fuming, applying steel wool and clear acetic solution, and even torching were techniques used to produce this specific style and appearance to wood floorboards. Nobody was surprised that these efforts took a lot of time and frequently had inconsistent outcomes. Thankfully, this procedure has been transformed by the invention of chemically reactive technology. Reactive stain formulations are now safer, more reliable, durable, and environmentally friendly than ever. Iron chloride, a mineral frequently employed in the filtration of clean, nutritious drinking water, is a common component of reactive stain, a pigment-free, liquid solution.

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Benefits of Chemically Reactive Laminated Wood Flooring

Opposite to fears that dangerous substances are employed in this “chemical staining” procedure, stain reactive technology utilizes the hardwood’s naturally occurring tannins & sugars to pull out the wood’s organic color effectively. This results in some of the finest, most environmentally friendly wood laminate available today by producing eye-catching, aesthetically beautiful, and much more neutral colors.

These floorings are extremely durable from a practical aspect, especially in active homes with high activity areas. The distinctive surface roughness patterns in each board give these flooring an almost iridescent appearance, creating a beautiful, mirror-like “3D” effect. Each plank appears vibrant regardless of the elevation, height, or viewpoint from which it is seen. 

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